About Us

Corey and Michael Durkin are a father-son team who co-founded Men of Honor in 2012. They are highly sought-after business growth experts, authors and speakers and in their spare time, have sought to expand their men’s ministry.

Michael built one of the most profitable and record-breaking water treatment dealerships in the country before starting his first sales training business. Years later, after his son, Corey, opted out of high school in 10th grade to start HIS first business, father and son teamed up and have been working together, ever since.

For more than a decade, they have guided men to become the best versions of themselves, to strengthen families, communities and churches and advance the Kingdom.

They pride themselves delivering faith-based tactical teachings to help men step into their greatness and revitalize the love and communication within their families. And as uniquely entertaining speakers and educators, this father- son team is certainly able to to connect with audiences both big and small to deliver techniques, strategies and real-wold examples with humor and entertainment value.

Acclaimed members of the National Speaker’s Association and hosts of a successful business podcast and radio show, the Durkins are also the authors of twelve books on sales, marketing, faith and personal development including their most recent book, Activity, Hustle and the Power of Action.

Testimonials from Pastors and Churches

“The Durkins consistently give the best teaching, training and coaching to the men of Connecticut that I have ever seen. Their men’s ministry continues to grow stronger each day and their dedication to sowing seed into our men and lifting them up is admirable and powerful.”

Rev. Carl McCluster, Shiloh Baptist Church

“Michael and Corey’s work in the lives of their men’s ministry will far outlast their time on this physical earth. Their legacy of saving families from divorce, strengthening fathers to become more present with their wives and more understanding of their children will endure for generations.”

Rev. Greg Gunn, Providence Church

“I have known the Durkin men for over a decade and I have the highest praise for their character, passion and the content of their teachings. The curriculum they’ve developed allows men to get better each day and in between events, the support that they provide through their Men of Honor programs is simply astounding.”

Rev. Kevin Mullens, Crawford, FL